Here is Chris' Transformation Story...
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- Chris had been experiencing joint pain, constipation and decreased energy levels for years.

- After trying the low FODMAP diet on his own to solve his IBS-C, Chris realized he needed someone to guide him.

- Working with us, Chris figured out what his trigger foods were and how to avoid them, which reduced his bloating and joint pain.

- He now has more energy and can spend his free time being active.

- Chris says, "I get up in the morning feeling much better, I have more energy" and "I feel 10 years younger!"

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Bloating, Gas & Constipation

- Jenny from the UK with constipation that stops her eating at restaurants with her friends.

- Now Jenny has no bloating and can eat freely with her friends and enjoy her favorite restaurants.
-"Now I know what’s triggering my bloating, I know how to avoid it, so I can feel comfortable that I can go out for a meal with friends and I know what things to choose from the menu"- Jenny

- Pam had been experiencing gut issues ever since her gallbladder removal when she was 16. She had been told to do a low FODMAP diet but found it too confusing on her own.

- Now Pam knows what to eat that doesn't bother her stomach and can eat at social gatherings again.

"Movement is much better now. I don’t have the same bloating, gassiness, digestive rumbling around all the time in my stomach, and I just feel a lot better, I feel lighter. I did lose weight on the program too. I lost 18 pounds."- Pam

- Kirsten had SIBO but still suffered from residual symptoms. She tried resolving these on her own but her symptoms persisted and even worsened.

-Now  Kirsten's symptoms have been greatly reduced and she sleeps better at night.

"I love the level of support" - Kirsten

­- Charleen had fatigue, bloating, and constipation from her IBS even after trying to "eat healthy."

- Now Charleen feels better, has a more thorough understanding of the low FODMAP,  and even lost 18 lbs in the process.

"I lost 18 lbs, but that was just a side effect of what I truly gained, which is the mental clarity and knowledge that I can manage my IBS"- Charleen

- Pam had gut issues for about 20 years; sometimes the pain would get so bad she would just lay down all day. There were days where she would just eat rice and eggs to avoid getting sick.

- Now Pam has her energy back, enjoys food and social events again, and regularly exercises without bloating or discomfort.

"My anxiety with food has gone away. I even went to a birthday party and knew I'd be fine." - Pam

- Karen wanted help navigating the FODMAP plan, she found it overwhelming.

- Now Karen knows what foods were trigger her symptoms; she even went on a cruise with no issues  10 weeks after starting the program.

"I felt more confident knowing which foods to avoid. I had very few symptoms even though I was eating out." - Karen

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Diverticular Disease, Crohn's and Colitis

- Luann from New Jersey was always bloated and she was was always weight, no matter what she ate. All her clothes didn't fit anymore.

- Now Luann wears her normal clothes, has regained her energy back, and even lost 8 inches off her waist. Now she feels more in control of her health.

"Now I feel like I could run a marathon every day. I have energy, my stomach has flattened out. I’ve had three C-sections, so there’s always going to be that little bit of a pooch. That’s even flattened out. Like it’s just seriously life-changing for me"- Luann

- Back in 2012, Denise developed pain in her abdominal area and alter found out it was diverticulosis. She feared that if she doesn't change her diet her condition could make her condition chronic.

 - Now Denise can eat freely and not worry about her symptoms when she found the right eating pattern for her body.

"My mantra is if not now, when? Do it, you have to. I mean, you health is more important than anything else because if your gut is unhealthy, your brain’s unhealthy too." - Denise

- Stephany was diagnosed with IBD (Crohn's) and was really struggling understanding and implementing  the low FODMAP diet. As an aspiring chef it was frustrating for her.

- Now Stephany feels more confident in managing her disease in the long term.

"Do it now. It gets you the results and it will change your life". - Stephany

- Tara had her colon removed after having colitis for many years and was looking to lose weight and manage her gut issues considering her J-Pouch

- Now Tara knows how to eat for her specific needs and has developed a better relationship with food. She has also lost 5 to 10 pounds.

"It's made me more comfortable. I don't have to think about trying to take Imodium or making sure I have it with me before I go out. Take that leap of faith and do it; I'm so glad I did." - Tara

- Beth has a family history of gut issues, and she was diagnosed with IBS, GERD, diverticulosis, and candida. She tried medications and diets but they only worked in the short-term.

- Now Beth feels more energized and happier knowing  she doesn't have to run to the bathroom 5-6 times a day.

"I'm so happy with my sense of well-being overall. It's an investment I'll never regret having made." -Beth

- Heidi had gut issues for over 30 years, including bloating, distension and constipation. Her issues were unpredictable, she couldn't plan a trip or go out in fear of having issues.

- Now Heidi has more control over her issues and enjoy food and social events again. She has also lost 25.2 lbs. in the process.

"I was a chronic yo-yo dieter but I never addressed the gut issues"- Heidi

- Rose had been trying to control her diverticulitis flare ups since 2017, but she felt like her efforts weren't enough to prevent flare ups again.

- Now Rose has more control over her symptoms and lost 20 lbs. in the process. She feels more confident in her food choices and overall health.

"I haven't been having any bloating now. I have lost 20 lbs which is a win for me!"- Rose

- Chris's residual symptoms from his ulcerative colitis made it difficult for him to travel for work. Even after controlling his UC with medication, he still had bloating, discomfort, and diarrhea.

- Now Chris can go to work and be in meetings without fear of having to take a break and go for his daily long bike rides.

"We're both extremely happy with where our lives are at and how is Chris is doing" - Lauren (Chris's wife)

How Our Unique System Works And How It Can Help You 
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Diarrhea, SIBO & Food Anxiety

- Darcie tried to do the low FODMAP on her own but she didn't know what to do or how to start. She was getting frustrated and wanted more guidance.

- Now she feels more confident and knowledgeable about what foods are causing her issues and can now eat at restaurants again.
"It doesn't have to be that way." - Darcie

- Matt had chronic diarrhea and severe stomach pain that was stopped him from wanting to go somewhere. He would go to the bathroom 8 to 10 times a day.

- Now Matt goes regularly, has no more pain, and even lost a bit of weight. Now he can plan social events without worrying about cancelling.

"Don't wait. If you have severe stomach issues these guys will take care of you. It has changed my life." - Matt

 - Marni had been trying to control her SIBO/IBS symptoms on her own for years. She would go on vacation with her family and not enjoy it because she didn't know what to eat.

- Now Marni knows what causes her specific issues through a methodical and more guided approach and feels more confident knowing what works for her body.

"I can indulge in a lot of things again that I couldn’t before without that pain, I know what my limits are." - Marni

- Brenda had gastroparesis, Barrett's disease, and past cancer symptoms, including a colectomy. She put on 40 lbs. and felt embarrassed and miserable and didn't want to do anything or see anyone.

- Now Brenda hasn't had gut issues since she had cancer 20 years ago and she also lost 54 lbs. She isn't afraid to go out again and has now gone back doing her arts and crafts.

"Any time I see people, everybody comments about ‘gosh, you look so good. You look really healthy.’ And I’m like, ‘yeah, I feel good, too."- Brenda

- Lissa was struggling knowing what triggers her symptoms to the point where she had to cancel professional and social events.

- Now Lissa now feels much happier, healthier and more confident in who she is as she pinpointed which foods had been triggering her digestive issues all along meaning she can now periodise her food around the life she wants to live.

"I would like to be symptom-free forever. I do have to put in work, we all do, but now I feel like it is something that's achievable." - Lissa

- Brigitte from Switzerland had IBS-D which prevented her from trekking in the mountains and made her anxious about going out in general.

- Now Brigitte has resolved her symptoms and can now walk in the mountains without fear.

"Now it’s no problem! Really now is no problem, well at this time we still go for walks in the woods and in former times I would have had difficulties but now that’s absolutely gone." - Brigitte

­- Sam from the UK had developed food anxiety and rapidly lost weight due to her severe gut issues. She was worried she wasn't getting the nutrition her body needed sticking to her "safe" foods.

- Now Sam can now eat much more liberally without worrying by methodically pinpointing what foods were contributing to her digestive issues over the years.

"If you don’t look after yourself then nobody else is gonna do it. Because everybody else is too busy worrying about themselves first. So you’ve gotta worry about yourself first or otherwise you’ve got nothing to give anybody else, have you?"- Sam

- Jenny was diagnosed with pneumonia and wanted professional help in healing her gut.

- Now Jenny has been able to determine what food were contributing to her issues over the years and can now enjoy her favorite food again.
"Finding what the optimum amount was for me which actually I found really liberating. I found that really, really liberating."- Jenny

Digestive Issues & Weight Loss Goal

- Mardi from Australia was experiencing gut issues, brain fog, and extreme tiredness, and she didn't know what was causing these. She also wanted to lose the last 5 lbs but couldn't.

- Now Mardi has reversed her symptoms and lost the last few pounds, and identified the foods that upset her stomach. She now knows what works for her body and even joined in the City2Surf fun run.

"I lost the weight I wanted to lose. Because my mind is clearer I don't have the brain fog anymore and am sleeping so much better." - Mardi

- Gina from Australia had IBS, and it got to the point that she couldn't sleep at night from the pain and she would wake up very tired. It affected her parenting and working  and other aspects of life.

- Now Gina is pain-free, sleeps better, and even lost 5kg in the process, as she understood the science behind the FODMAP and applied it to her specific needs.

"I can actually enjoy my food now. I can still eat my treats and feel okay. I actually feel like this is the first time for a long time that I felt good about myself." - Gina

- Ani from Finland wanted to lose weight and resolve her IBS symptoms but felt like they were too difficult to do.

- Now Ani feels more in control of her digestive issues and is on a sustainable plan for her weight goals.

"The good thing with your approach - it's something for life. You teach us how to be healthy, control the symptoms, lose the weight, for life." - Ani

- Chris had chronic bloating and a weight goal. Her respiratory issues made it much more difficult and she just wanted to feel better again.

- Now Chris has resolved her gut issues, lose weight, and also more confident now that she knows she won't go back to her old habits.

"Yeah, it’s been life changing, health changing, and I think anybody that really is serious, about their health, would definitely want to look into your program." - Chris

- Trent from Australia had gut issues for about  20 years. He got daily headaches as well and would take at least two tablets to help.

- Now Trent has resolved his bloating and even lost weight in the process. He now goes to the gym regularly and plays sports and feels younger.

"My skin has improved, and I've been sleeping better. I just feel a lot better, it's actually amazing." - Trent

Joe's Program Is For You If You Fit One Of These:
  • You feel alone on your health or weight loss journey. Maybe you don't live alone, but you feel alone. That means you fall off track easily, "bending" your own rules. Having direct support and accountability would mean less interferences, and less excuses.
  • ​You want to go out and feel attractive and confident! Yet you always feel self-conscious, even for seemingly silly situations where nobody is looking at you. But it's a nagging feeling that makes you feel shackled and unhappy.
  • Your motivation is health-driven, and every time you get sick it seems to get worse. Now you are terrified of something serious happening
  • ​Perhaps you can't climb stairs without feeling out of breath, or you can't walk far without needing to sit down because of the pain. The lack of mobility and energy means you can't do fun things, like play with your grandkids.
  • You have a health condition that leaves you feeling frustrated and confused. You just don't know how to put things together nutritionally for you to feel better. 
  • ​You have a chronic digestive or gut issue that you have not managed to resolve on your own. It could be IBS, colitis, IBD, SIBO, diverticulitis, or another digestive issue
  • ​You feel seriously stuck and know you need to make a change. You don't want to live the rest of your life feeling like this.
  • ​Extreme fatigue, brain fog, headaches and low moods make you unpleasant to be around. You are just not your old bubbly self anymore, almost like losing your identity. And sometimes you feel at breaking point. 
  • ​You're retired or your kids have moved out, which means you're free to put yourself first for once. You want to enjoy the golden years and travel and be free. You don't want your final years to be sad and miserable.
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Sustainable Weight Loss & Emotional Eating

- Graham wanted to lose weight but despite his efforts, he kept on gaining weight. His personal life was affected as he felt so poorly about his health.

- Graham has lost 10kg so far. He feels more energized and happier and without a crazy restrictive diet.

"This has changed my whole outlook in how I deal with food, how I deal with myself." - Graham

- Sue had difficulty getting past a certain number on the scale, after which she would reach and start gaining weight again. She was stuck in the weight loss/gain cycle for over 20 years.

- Now Sue realizes that her mindset plays a huge role in her weight progress, and she has developed a more effective behaviour change along with nutrition.

"If I didn’t have the one-on-one chance to talk with you and the team I would still be cycling like I have for the last 20 years. So, it’s having the people to go to when you need the help to get the help."- Sue

- Kanani felt like her weight was out of her control, so she wanted to work on that along with her cancer diagnosis, Grave's disease, and blood pressure level.

- Kanani has now lost 24 lbs and now feels like she has the tools to achieve and maintain her health goals successfully. She started hiking a couple of hours a day, something she couldn't do before.

"I’ve lost about 24 pounds or something like that. I’m down a size, or at least two sizes, my pants are falling off. At some point I’ll buy new jeans instead of having them fall off of me in the middle of a parking lot (laughs) which actually happened!" - Kanani

- Marita from Ireland started gaining weight after being hospitalized. She had high blood pressure and was in constant pain.

- Marita has now lost 10kg. She has also stopped her medication and painkillers as she revered her high blood pressure levels, pain, and other health issues.

"I feel a lot better. It's a significant difference in the way I look and in a mindset perspective as well. I used to be so critical of myself but now I think about what I have achieved and I find that a lot more beneficial." - Marita

- Sharon from Texas needed to lose weight after a transient ischaemic attack got her in the hospital. She couldn't exercise much due to her scoliosis.

- Now Sharon has lost about 20lbs and her doctor has taken her off the blood pressure medication by managing her health through nutrition and lifestyle changes. She is now confident she can reach and maintain her goals.

"Go for it. It will be the best thing you ever did. I've tried many, many diets in the past, and this is the first time ya'll have taught me how to maintain into the future. I know how to get to my goal, and I know how to stay there. And if I fall off the wagon, I can just get right back on. " - Sharon

- Konya wanted to lose weight, she didn't want to try those different diets. She wanted to find what worked best for her needs and body type.

- Konya went from a size 18/20 and is now a size 14/16. She is confident she will reach her goals as she is finding the right eating pattern for her body.

"What I like [about the program] is that it taught me how to eat for me" - Konya

Hypothyroid or Kidney Issues

- Sam's thyroid levels were normal but she still lacked energy and couldn't lose weight. She felt anxious in social situations and didn't feel like herself.

- Now Sam has regained ger energy and now weighs less than even before her hypothyroid diagnosis.

"I’ve got my energy back. I’ve got to say, I feel the best I’ve felt in an incredibly long time."  - Sam

- Carissa was looking for a solution to ongoing nutritional management for her deteriorating kidney function.

- Carissa was able to improve her eGFR from 38 to 46, which changed her category out of the risk for kidney disease. She also lost 20lbs in the process.

"I lost close to 20 pounds in about what, three months.And then my kidney function went up from 38-46. It went from very close to dialysis to a little bit up, which is now I’m in 3A, so yay!"- Carissa

- Frances from New Zealand's TSH levels were at 5.7 and she started gaining weight.

- Frances's TSH levels now have gone from 5.7 to 3.35 and she also achieved a weight loss of  8kg without feeling like she's starving herself.

"I’ve got this nice slim fitting real neat top that I’d put in the back of my wardrobe because I thought I’m never gonna fit it again and then when we went out for dinner I put it on and it fit and it’s gorgeous. There were no rolls or bulges showing. It was so cool. - Frances

- Mary Anne from California had a hypo-thyroidectomy and was struggling with symptoms of hypothyroidism - fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep, etc.

- Now Mary Anne has regained her energy anf focus,  and lost at least 10lbs. Her hemoglobin levels are back to normal range and her cholesterol levels also improved.

"When I first talked to you I couldn't tie my shoelaces without having to be short of breath. Now I can do that and not have to worry. I can swim, my joints are not hurting. I just feel better all day through." - Mary Anne

Mind If We Share Some More Client Stories?

"Well probably the funnest things for me is small clothes, which I’m loving. So, sharing clothes with all my kids. ‘Cause I have four daughters. So that’s been really special."- Leah

"I came down a good solid 10 pounds, I would say more like 12 from the original weight that I was."- Diane

"So I’m down 18 kilos. That is close to 40 pounds. It’s easier to move. The body is happy. I’m gonna dance at that wedding."- Margje

"A quick diet wasn’t going to have the long lasting results I was looking for. So by understanding that you have to do it methodically and not have an expectation to lose so quickly. That’s what in the end allowed me to lose the weight."- Lauren

"I’ve lost almost 15 pounds! I don’t have to limit myself in what types of food I can eat. I can basically eat anything that I want within moderation. And within knowing that I don’t go over that line."- Anna

"I’m now very comfortably wearing all the clothes that I have. And you know within a matter of weeks or months, I’ve been able to go back to where I’m now wearing all the same clothes and my kids say to me, “Oh, daddy, you’re not fat anymore.”- John

Work Directly With Joe To Overcome The Obstacles 
That Are Standing Between You And Better Health!
Tap into the experience, knowledge and field-tested skills of a certified Registered Dietitian and Masters of Science in Nutrition (MSc) with over 10 years experience in working with all types of patients. 

You’ll get the professional guidance needed to ascertain the particular circumstances, conditions, and other critical factors that are affecting your health. 

Then together, you’ll develop an effective course of action to get on the road to a healthier weight, and a healthier life!

By taking Joe on as your specialist coach, you’ll navigate the issues and challenges, as well as face the various lifestyle elements that are working against you!
Over the course of Joe's high level program, you will:
  • ​Set up a sustainable daily routine that will promote better eating habits
  •  Improve your relationship with food and remove the guilt 
  •  Determine the specific causes of your food intolerance or medical issues that are diet-related
  •  Develop a plan of action, customized just for you
  •  That is, a plan that suits YOUR lifestyle, YOUR preferences, YOUR condition
  •  Remove the guesswork and learn how to better help yourself
  •  Build self-confidence to overcome your issues and find solutions
  •  Get motivated, then stay that way to achieve your goals
  •  Learn how to get through the rough spots and "bad weeks"
  •  Help make positive changes in your lifestyle and get healthier
  •  Gain coping skills that will empower you to succeed... And much, much more!


"So when we started off I was 94 kilograms and I’m now 80, so all-in-all I’ve lost 14 kilograms and I’m very happy about that."- Leana

Joe Leech Is NOT “Just Another Diet Coach” or Personal Trainer!
He’s a highly-trained dietary health professional with over 10 YEARS of experience. 

His innovative and caring coaching style will keep you focused on now and the future. 

As your coach, Joe's goal is to help build a solid path to proper health and well-being.  

He's committed to improving your overall health, ensuring that you have proper supervision and follow-up. 

This is because many healthcare providers often mishandle these kinds of situations, typically due to lack of medical knowledge, bureaucracy or poor management. 

But most importantly... he’ll be there to ensure that you achieve your health goals.  

Unlike many coaches in the health and lifestyle fields, Joe isn’t interested in getting you 'dependent' on him for “perpetual coaching”. 

His goal is to get you healthy and feeling better in as little time as possible, and to help you develop habits that will stay with you... for life! 
Ready To Heal From The Inside Out?
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