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We have spots for 3 more clients who struggle with chronic digestive problems or can't seem to reach their goal weight on their own, or who need professional guidance on how to put things together for their specific health issue
Joe Leech (Gut Health Dietitian) Has Helped Over 4,900 People Worldwide Resolve Digestive Issues and Sustainably Transform Their Body...
And He Can Help You Too!
Be Our Next GUT HEALTH Success Story


Be Our Next Body Transformation Success Story

Joe's Program Is For You If You Fit One Of These:
  • You feel alone on your health or weight loss journey. Maybe you don't live alone, but you feel alone. That means you fall off track easily, "bending" your own rules. Having direct support and accountability would mean less interferences, and less excuses.
  • ​You want to go out and feel attractive and confident! Yet you always feel self-conscious, even for seemingly silly situations where nobody is looking at you. But it's a nagging feeling that makes you feel shackled and unhappy.
  • Your motivation is health-driven, and every time you get sick it seems to get worse. Now you are terrified of something serious happening
  • ​Perhaps you can't climb stairs without feeling out of breath, or you can't walk far without needing to sit down because of the pain. The lack of mobility and energy means you can't do fun things, like play with your grandkids.
  • You have a health condition that leaves you feeling frustrated and confused. You just don't know how to put things together nutritionally for you to feel better. 
  • ​You have a chronic digestive or gut issue that you have not managed to resolve on your own. It could be IBS, colitis, IBD, SIBO, diverticulitis, or another digestive issue
  • ​You feel seriously stuck and know you need to make a change. You don't want to live the rest of your life feeling like this.
  • ​Extreme fatigue, brain fog, headaches and low moods make you unpleasant to be around. You are just not your old bubbly self anymore, almost like losing your identity. And sometimes you feel at breaking point. 
  • ​You're retired or your kids have moved out, which means you're free to put yourself first for once. You want to enjoy the golden years and travel and be free. You don't want your final years to be sad and miserable.
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Work Directly With Joe To Overcome The Obstacles 
That Are Standing Between You And Better Health!
If you're battling with the consequences of chronic gut issues, excess and/or weight gain, including:
  •  Constant state of exhaustion/fatigue
  •  Long-term bloating, diarrhea or constipation
  •  Emotional instability and low mood
  •  High stress levels and sugar cravings
  •  Short temper, low patience, overly-confrontational personality
  •  Debilitating head and body aches
  •  High levels of anxiety, worry, even depression
  •  Memory loss and slower reaction times
  •  Little or no libido
  •  Impaired job performance
  •  Poor concentration/short attention span
Don’t Despair, There IS Help Available!
Joe Will Work With You One-on-One 
To Help You Lose Weight and Get Healthy Again!
Tap into the experience, knowledge and field-tested skills of a certified Registered Dietitian and Masters of Science in Nutrition (MSc) with over 10 years experience in working with all types of patients. 

You’ll get the professional guidance needed to ascertain the particular circumstances, conditions, and other critical factors that are affecting your health. 

Then together, you’ll develop an effective course of action to get on the road to a healthier weight, and a healthier life!

By taking Joe on as your specialist coach, you’ll navigate the issues and challenges, as well as face the various lifestyle elements that are working against you!
Over the course of Joe's high level program, you will:
  • ​Set up a sustainable daily routine that will promote better eating habits
  •  Improve your relationship with food and remove the guilt 
  •  Determine the specific causes of your food intolerance or medical issues that are diet-related
  •  Develop a plan of action, customized just for you
  •  That is, a plan that suits YOUR lifestyle, YOUR preferences, YOUR condition
  •  Remove the guesswork and learn how to better help yourself
  •  Build self-confidence to overcome your issues and find solutions
  •  Get motivated, then stay that way to achieve your goals
  •  Learn how to get through the rough spots and "bad weeks"
  •  Help make positive changes in your lifestyle and get healthier
  •  Gain coping skills that will empower you to succeed... And much, much more!
Joe Leech Is NOT “Just Another Diet Coach” or Personal Trainer!
He’s a highly-trained dietary health professional with over 10 YEARS of experience. 

His innovative and caring coaching style will keep you focused on now and the future. 

As your coach, Joe's goal is to help build a solid path to proper health and well-being.  

He's committed to improving your overall health, ensuring that you have proper supervision and follow-up. 

This is because many healthcare providers often mishandle these kinds of situations, typically due to lack of medical knowledge, bureaucracy or poor management. 

But most importantly... he’ll be there to ensure that you achieve your health goals.  

Unlike many coaches in the health and lifestyle fields, Joe isn’t interested in getting you 'dependent' on him for “perpetual coaching”. 

His goal is to get you healthy and feeling better in as little time as possible, and to help you develop habits that will stay with you... for life! 
Ready To Transform Your Body and Your Life?
You're only one click away from a body that you feel healthy, confident and happy in. Act now while you are motivated!