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1. Welcome

Are you a reader of FODMAP Everyday and interested in an individual consultation with a dietitian?

At Diet vs Disease, our team of Dietitians and gut-directed therapists specialize in digestive disorders and are ready to help you. 

What makes us different?

  • Diet vs Disease consulting is an official partner of FODMAP Everyday.
  • We are a team of university-trained Dietitians (including Monash FODMAP-trained), counsellors and gut-directed therapists. 
  • ​Our one focus area is digestive disorders and diseases, including IBS, SIBO, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, collagenous colitis, food chemical intolerance, and more. 
  • ​Our team is global and so are our clients. We have worked with over 2,200 clients from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Europe.
2. How It Works and Price

Our Dietitian consultations are done via phone or video call.

For you this means no waiting rooms or driving to appointments, you can do it all from home, wherever you are in the world. 

It's more convenient and saves you time.

Details and Price:

  •  As a FODMAP Everyday user, this month you can get a 80% discount for an initial 30-minute Dietitian appointment. FODMAP Everyday users can book for $29 USD one-time payment (it normally costs $150 USD).
  • ​On this 30-minute consultation, our first goal is to get to know your situation and understand your symptoms.
  • ​Our second goal is to help you better understand your diagnosis and show you the right tools to manage your symptoms effectively. 
  • ​To book an appointment with us please follow the instructions below...
How To Book Your Appointment
1. Enter your name and details
Tap the 'Book Your Appointment' button below and enter your first name and email in the box, and press 'Submit'
2. Choose a time on our calendar
On the next page, choose a time for your appointment on our calendar, fill in some details about you, and confirm your $29 payment
3. You are all set!
We will contact you to confirm the appointment and any other details, and then we will speak with you at the time you booked!
"Movement is much better now. I don’t have the same bloating, gassiness, digestive rumbling around all the time in my stomach, and I just feel a lot better, I feel lighter." - Pam, USA
"Now I know what’s triggering my bloating, I know how to avoid it, so I can feel comfortable that I can go out for a meal with friends and I know what things to choose from the menu" - Jenny, UK
"Don't wait. If you have severe stomach issues these guys will take care of you. It has changed my life." - Matt, Canada
"I found that I have more energy, don't have much pain, and feel healthier!" - Narelle, Australia

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