Do You Have A Digestive Disorder Such As Colitis, Diverticulitis, or Severe IBS?
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Joe Leech, MSc Dietetics
Founder & Dietitian

Dr George Schatz, MD
Functional Physician

Dr Jordan Shapiro, MD

Taylor Hanna
GI-Specialist Dietitian

Tim Matthews
GI-Specialist Dietitian

Ryanne Lachman
GI-Specialist Dietitian

Jill Ambridge
Nutrition Consultant

Lee Manley
Nutrition Consultant

Suzanne Alent
Nutrition Consultant

Victoria Cimino
GI-Specialist Dietitian

Rachel Manthey
GI-Specialist Dietitian

Nicholas Needs
GI-Specialist Dietitian

Emily Gabel
GI-Specialist Dietitian

Beth Sands

Erin O'Neill
GI-Specialist Dietitian

Jay Hayes
Gut-Directed Therapist

Rosie Hogg
GI-Specialist Dietitian

Julie Gold
Mindset Coach

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