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"Now I know what’s triggering my bloating, I know how to avoid it, so I can feel comfortable that I can go out for a meal with friends and I know what things to choose from the menu"

- Jenny

"My mantra is if not now, when? Do it, you have to. I mean, you health is more important than anything else because if your gut is unhealthy, your brain’s unhealthy too."

- Denise

"Movement is much better now. I don’t have the same bloating, gassiness, digestive rumbling around all the time in my stomach, and I just feel a lot better, I feel lighter. I did lose weight on the program too. I lost 18 pounds."

- Pam

“Now I feel like I could run a marathon every day. I have energy, my stomach has flattened out. I’ve had three C-sections, so there’s always going to be that little bit of a pooch. That’s even flattened out. Like it’s just seriously life-changing for me"

- Luann

"Now I have a better understanding where I can look at the situation more critically and say, well, I think it was this or I think it was because I had this."

- Lissa

“I feel good. I understand what triggers my symptoms.” 

- Sandra

“I’m not really thinking about my gut anymore and that it doesn’t feel good” 

- Matt

”The program made a huge 
difference in me” 

- Roslyn

”I’m so much happier, I can fit into my clothes and I have my confidence back” 

- Valerie

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